Artenne, Nenzing: Teleport Collective, Konzert

Elemente des Fusion Jazz der 1970er Jahre zeitgenössisch weitergedacht in die Gegenwart, ins 21. Jahrhundert." (Andreas Felber, Ö1 Jazztime, Januar 2020)

Music described as somewhere between experimental electronic jazz, psychedelic free hop, acid vintage funk, avantgarde disco and total escalation, combined with free improvisation and a big devotion to electronic machines and experiments: Teleport Collective. Sometimes the soundtrack for a scary b-movie, sometimes for a vintage western fairytale, sometimes for a chicken slaughter. Or everything at the same time?

Teleport Collective

Electronic Jazz, Psychedelic Free Hop, Acid Vintage Funk...

Aaron Steiner, keys, synthesizers
Michael Naphegyi, drums, toys, electronics
Joachim Huber, bass, tiny machines

  1. Mai 2022 um 20.00 Uhr